Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone massage in the day spa

Hot Stone Therapy is a variation on classic massage therapy but instead of touch being applied by the therapists’ hands, smooth, hot rocks are placed on the body. They may be placed on specific spots on the back, in the palms of the hands and between your toes. Heat from the rocks relaxes the muscles and improves circulation while calming the nervous system. The therapist can also massage the body by holding the rocks in her hands.

Before being placed on the body the rocks are immersed in water and heated in a controlled heating device. The therapist tests the rocks to be sure they are at a comfortable temperature before applying them. Most patients find the warm stones to be soothing and relaxing. Hot Stone Massage is well suited for people with muscle tension who prefer a light touch. The muscle relaxing effects of the warm stones, allows the therapist to achieve the same results usually obtained with a deeper touch. The many health conditions that can be improved through a Hot Stone Massage include back pain, poor circulation, arthritis, stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Patients especially enjoy Hot Stone Massage during our cold winters, but it is soothing and beneficial through out the year.